Terms and Conditions

Player/Parent Agreement

I agree to all terms and conditions of Bollinger Baseball & Softball Instruction that are applicable to my training service:


- Any Cancelations are charged the full amount of the balance due/paid if cancelation date falls within A) 5 full days before camp event B) within 24hrs of my 1-on-1/DUO session or 48 hours of my small group session. If emergency, please email bollinger.baseball@gmail.com to communicate situation.  Charged session or camp will use pre-paid balance to cover the reserved spot.  Balance must be up to date before sessions can continue. 



- When arriving at facility,  I understand I must wait until my scheduled training session time in designated waiting room area.  I understand I cannot disturb other athlete's session. 



-60 minute 1on1 sessions cannot be divided into two 30 minute sessions/ or other services. 


- Prices and programs are non-negotiable and non-refundable unless approved by business director.  No refunds after service is complete and/or a program is started.


- Players must conduct themselves in a manner that is not disrespectful, destructive to property, and participate in training session program. If players do not follow rules after asked, they can be removed from camp/sessions. 


-I understand that more than 4 straight cancelations (unless due medical emergency or communicated in sufficient time frame), can forfeit my future scheduled training sessions. 


- Car parking in designated parking areas.


- Release of Liability Waiver, I understand that during athletic related practices/camps/sessions, there is the risk of injury.   Injuries sustained during sessions is the athlete/parent responsibility and "Bollinger Baseball LLC" is not liable for any medical bills or costs associated with the injury. 


-I understand:  during sessions,  camps, and events: Bollinger Baseball LLC takes pictures and video of drills, and players in Action while training/playing.  I understand and consent to these being uploaded to social media,  or website. 


- Have fun, work hard,  listen to adjustments,  and apply in game.   Any "horse play" behavior, messing around, or malicious intent towards other athletes, coaches, parents at or during an event ran by Bollinger Baseball & Softball:

We do reserve the right to remove an athlete and/or parent from an ongoing session if we feel behavior is disrespectful, inappropriate, or harmful.  As well, we do reserve the right to ask athletes not attend future events if acts were too severe.


- We work to help all baseball and softball players of all ages, let's have fun and work together to have a better athletic experience.