Batting Cage/Pitching Rental



If you'd like to reserve a spot for your Baseball or Softball Team to practice, we run Team Facility Rentals. 

During Team Facility Rentals,  you get a 2 hr. practice slot, 2 batting cages,  2 pitching lanes,  and full strength training area!  Rental Rates for teams available on request.  Best time to get set up for winter is now,  9700 Sq. Ft. of turf, batting cages, pitching area, and defensive work!  

Individual Batting Cage/ Pitching Lane Rentals


We will be offering individual Batting Cage,  Pitching Lane,  and Weight Room Rentals!  We will release schedule every week for availability and booking!  Using Google docs for booking!  Click the link below to reserve your spot and more info!


Batting Cage Rental: Select a Date & Time - Calendly

Pitching Lane Rental: Select a Date & Time - Calendly


See Pricing Below

Product Price
Batting Cage/Pitching Lane Rental (30 minutes) $15.00
Batting Cage/Pitching Lane Rental (60 minutes) $30.00
Weight Room (60 Minutes) $8.00
TEAM RENTAL (2-5 batting cages, 2-5 pitching lanes, draw back cages to work defense, weight room, and video room, Baseballs/Softballs provided) $60-$90/hr (Varies)